Services Provided

Individual Therapy -
The main focus of individual therapy is generally to assist a client to resolve issues that may be interfering with having a full and enjoyable life. The client works with the therapist to identify therapeutic goals and then together work to increase coping skills and personal growth in the areas desired. Areas of concern often addressed: overcoming anxiety, working through depression, dealing with grief and loss, learning anger control, developing healthy boundaries and relationships, healing childhood wounds, physical and sexual abuse and other trauma, strengthening self esteem, working through life cycle changes, and many others.

Couples Therapy -
In couples therapy, the purpose is generally to support the clients in creating and sustaining a covenant relationship. From premarital counseling through the full range of issues that couples experience during the lifetime of a relationship, the therapist aids in repairing, renewing, and restoring. Issues may include: trust-building, communication skills, intimacy and expressing emotions, dealing with an affair, children and parenting, working through crisis and enjoying spiritual growth as a couple.

Family Therapy -
The first relationships we experience are within the context of family. Family therapy helps each member to better understand what their role is and how to do the best with it. Families can be two-parent, single-parent, blended, step-families, grandparent-parents, and others. Conflicts can be used as challenges preparing us for future success in other relationships. Resolution can occur in these areas: children's aggression, discipline issues and differences, school difficulties, teen problems, struggles in communication, grief due to loss, divorce, death, temper tantrums, and developmental delays.

Psychological Evaluations -
Psychological tests are used to assess the level of functioning of both children and adults. Areas tested include achievement and ability, personality, and psychological functioning. Academic achievement, ability, and intelligence tests can be very useful in determining the presence of ADHD, learning disabilities as well as other issues that can be hindering learning. Adult cognitive decline due to aging and other factors can also be discovered. Bariatric surgery testing is available. Personality tests and inventories evaluate the thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and behavioral traits that make up our personality. This can reveal strengths and weaknesses as well as disturbances and emotional problems. Our psychologist administers, scores and interprets these tests to ensure validity and usability for our clients.

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